About Our Outpatient Joint Program

Joint Replacement surgery is used to treat osteoarthritis that reaches severe stages or does not respond to nonsurgical treatment options. The most common Joint Replacement surgeries are Partial and Total Knee Replacements and Hip Replacements.

Historically, Joint Replacement surgery has been performed on an inpatient basis; however, new surgical techniques and advanced training allow the Fellowship Trained and Board Certified Joint Replacement Specialists at Olympia Orthopaedic Associates to perform these surgeries on an outpatient procedure. We are the only orthopaedic practice in the area offering this revolutionary Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Program.

Shorter Stay

A shorter stay comes with a host of benefits including a lower risk of hospital-acquired infection (like MRSA) and greater comfortability being able to recovery immediately after surgery in your own, comfortable space.

Patient Satisfaction

Our Outpatient joint replacement recipients report being more satisfied with the care they’ve received and their overall replacement.


Improved Outcomes

Studies show that blood transfusions are lower, infections can be reduced, and patient groups that have outpatient surgery can recover faster at home.

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